Organic coffee
Made with alkalized water
Grown by small farmers

Aloha, my name is Loren and I run BB808.  Since you can buy coffee almost anywhere, why buy from us?  Buy from us because we sell a healthy alternative to other companies, and we operate in a sustainable fashion delivering by bicycle! Our coffee tastes better than anyone else’s by way of our fair-traded coffee beans which do not have any pesticides and are non-GMO: organic beans make you better! Research indicates pesticides increase toxicity reducing both athletic performance and brain activity.

I use alkalized water to brew the coffee and this makes your body less acidic creating a feeling of overall wellness. Small farmers grow our beans which we procure from a cooperative using fair trade practices – you should feel good about supporting small farmers.  It’s a humanitarian thing, and our creed is Humbly Help Humans. As a barista, I will share what I know about the art and science of “coffee cooking”. Let’s talk story some time.


MISSION: Brewing conversations and Honolulu’s best specialty coffee at business and social gatherings to create happiness for customers

VISION: Humbly Help Humans by brewing one cup of organic, fair-trade coffee at a time to create conversations that build a stronger Honolulu

Schedule your first delivery by calling 808.343.1951 or email LJ@bicyclebarista808

IG: BicycleBarista808
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Works sited: J Lipid Res 1994 Aug;35(8):1510.

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