This evening I woke up sleepless and surprised to discover one beautifully decorated and frosted yellow cake created / produced by two precocious young ladies which make me abundantly happy.  This will be added to my GR8 list: things for which I’m grateful.  It seems, to my delight, that family life is the life for me and the primary source of my earthly joy.  Learning to spend time on my family has been the best investment ever made and huge instant rewards & dividends of happiness abound.  “Hunt the good stuff” the Army resiliency program suggests, and I am on SAFARI.  The cake is my 8-point elk and boy does it taste heavenly (not gamey at all).  Utter bliss, complete satisfaction.

Being a small-business-owner has allowed me to carve time out during the day to tutor my keikis and to serve my wife Kealoha Yvette Priscilla Jerlow.  Since the military transition, we’ve had so many meaningful connections after years of being disconnected — (never off duty while on “active duty”).  In general, the rat race is taxing on any family and military folks do it for “the cause” of American Patriotism, Democracy, Freedom – whatever you want to call it.  Their service to the nation is what makes military families unique in the eyes of most Americans .

That being said, our service through the military experience is enabling our current fortune.  Lots of excitement and hardship during two decades “with the US Cavalry” and “SOCOM” – Glory to God & thank HIM; HE sent me to West Point at age 17.  The structure and rigor of the Academy truly FORGED the mettle which would carry me through my health struggles along the way and even now.  Health struggles which have led me to re-structure my life-plan and allowed me to completely re-tool “the company”…MY COMPANY.  In fact, the organization known as my family is my greatest life achievement because we are close to God, we are close to each other.

I’m much better off working for The Lord Jesus than chasing perfection in a large company.  LIFE IS TOO LONG to be miserable: do not spend your adult life counting down the days remaining until your current project is completed as many service members do while separated on deployments.  The “donut of misery,” a kind of pie chart depicting time to redeploy, is a real thing for thousands of US service members; so please REMEMBER EVERYONE DEPLOYED and wear RED on Fridays.

My new cause, is to H3 – Humbly Help Humans.  If I were a super hero I’d have a big H3 emblem on my chest to signify my love of all man-KIND.  Lucky me, I have time to H3 when I see someone needing help in some way.  I now have time to assist; sometimes a ride to work when a friend misses the bus or even getting a senior citizen out of the rain to reach her destination.  Not living in fear of forgetting something, failing, being late, or missing out (FOMO) helps me be “present” and aware of others.  Some say it is a blessing to be a blessing.

If you have purchased anything from Bicycle Barista 808 you have enabled a new post-military life and Humbly Helped a Human…that Human is me.



    1. I’s so happy you found this article. It’s fun to write and share. What’s your dilemma? HHH

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