Our lives run like businesses. Sometimes there is failure, sometimes success. If our life is to be a sustainable corporation, a good base must be established and critical questions answered: Where do I want to be? Where am I on my current earnings statement? If I were a stock, would I invest in it?

But another question to ask is: What would I do if I didn’t need to work for money? Happiness, not money, is the most valuable currency in the universe. If you don’t like your job, it’s probably because you are not interested in that line of work and the increased stress and worry will inevitably lead to poor financial decisions. True wealth, however, happens when you find a vocation that is like a vacation. Rather than reverse engineer your life, examine what you naturally enjoy and match your lifestyle accordingly. Try and live within 80% of your budget: put the remaining 20% towards debt or savings. For example, passive investment tools that skim money off the top of your purchases and placed in the bank for you are easy and simple and not even noticeable…until the bank statements roll in. Take care of your family and friends and give generously. Learn intrinsic value over extrinsic value—the thrill from the purchase of that new gadget will not last long. Celebrate small wins. Cherish moments. Invest in the people around you.

By being a good steward of your life, your personal business—your Life— will be successful. By increasing your happiness index, financial sustainability and viability will follow.

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