Kick-Ass Koffee Catering!!

Our Coffee is Good for your Heart

When we say it's good for your heart, we mean your spiritual heart - everybody needs a little love now and then and we are here to please. HHH

Our Coffee Preserves Nature

We at Bicycle Barista 808 love finding sustainable farmers and products which reduce environmental impact like our killer reusable stainless steel cups and organic beans.

Our Coffee Improves your Overall Well Being

If you look good, you feel good and visa versa. Know that you are supporting fair trade and you're supporting a local veteran's family. We love you too.

So how does it work?

Get in Contact with Us

We are available to discuss the recent Specialty Coffee Craze because making individual cups is what makes Specialty Coffee special. Please call us, text us, IM/DM, or post a message. Aloha

Set up an Event Date

The best thing about coffee catering with #BB808 is we are full-time and flexible - this means you can have a killer "coffee bar tender" with the best beans at your next personal or work event. Just ask Jordan at Kokua Kalihi Valley! They loved it when we catered their annual party at Keehi Lagoon in October, 2016.

We will Take Care of the Rest

When we say we'll take care of it, we don't mean like in the movies (haha) - we mean we'll bring fresh whole beans to your event and prepare coffees before your very eyes. We also have super smooth cold-brewed ice coffee for those who don't want to wait.

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